Admin 04.25.13 Minutes


Dibyen Majumdar, John Fyfe, Mark Goedert, Rich Alpern, Nick Gambardella, Therese Molina, Linda Naru, Todd Van Neck, Aaron Walz, Jackie Kalan, Mike Kamowski, Albert Schorsch, Mary Berta, Vanessa Peoples, Gloria Keeley, Heather O’Leary, Mint Simagrai, Kelly Block, Tony Kerber, Jeanie Thomas, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom

  • ITPC
    • April Report
      • Update of current ITPC projects
  • Hire Touch Task Force
    • A version of the Hire Touch Task Force report will be shared with the vendor
  • Integrating Online Regulatory Training
    • Discussion of need for system to implement and track employee training
  • Business Processes
    • Update on think tank for business process issues on campus
    • Discussion of potential new applications for users