InfraSec 04.10.13 Minutes


Subrahmanya Vennelakanti, Jason Woo, Jay Dean, Mat Willis, Yilmaz Bal, Marcin Hiolski, Jason Maslanka, Mike Kirda, Bala Ramaraju, Lee Katman, Andre Pavkovic, Phil Reiter, Johnathan Kupferer, Jack Gallagher, Chris Barton, Therese Molina, Ilir Zenku, Francis Kayiwa, Craig Jackson

  • Subcommittee Updates
    • Digital Signage
      • Proposal for new subcommittee to address digital signage across campus
      • Would include three groups: standardized hardware, design/template, and mapping data
      • Charge to create standards for these groups to allow for better support and unified design
    • Mobile
      • Goal to have a UIC app up and running by fall semester
      • Currently looking at vendors to provide a student focused app with general information
    • Resource Calendaring and Integration
      • Considering which vendor can meet campus needs
      • Will see a demo and report back to the committee with a recommendation
    • Risk Management
      • Considering issues related to HIPAA and the IT security policy
      • Meeting with vendors and will report back to the committee with a recommendation
  • ACCC Updates
    • Office 365
      • The tenant was approved and ACCC is waiting for the UIC tenant name
    • SCCM 2012
      • Requests for 2012 can be put in now
      • Goal to have admin group up in May
    • Annual Change Windows
      • Approved Motion: The annual change windows proposed at the March meeting were approved
    • Windows XP
      • Discussion of eliminating Windows XP from campus – what this would entail and possible consequences