Research 04.04.13 Minutes


Annette Valenta, Neil Bahroos, Jay Dean, Jan Verschelde, Jacqueline Barger, Andrew Boyd, Henrik Aratyn, Bill Hendrickson, Clyde Wheeler, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Bob Sandusky, Houshang Darabi

  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
    • HPC status update
      • Discussed Dell’s internal issues
      • More nodes will have to be added
      • More funding will be needed
  • Data Management/Data Curation (DM/DC)
    • Presentation was given on DM/DC project
      • Discussion followed on who should be added to the group
  • Regulations and Mandates
    • Group is waiting on an OPRS representative to move forward
    • Discussion on handling regulations, making change, and making policy
  • Research Data Management Security
    • Discussion of a group created to address a small proof-of-concept project with use case
      • Discussion on creating a template for the future and addressing infrastructure
      • Consideration of standards and policies that must be adhered to (e.g., HIPAA)
      • Discussion on content of the case study
    • Discussion of the three phase plan that goes live in June
      • Group is currently halfway into phase two
      • Discussion of needs for completion
      • The group must make sure regulations are being met, the template is being made, and an imminent timeline is on the horizon
  • New Business
    • The data warehouse and Identity Access Management were discussed