Education 04.02.13 Minutes


Michael Scott, Michael Hites, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Saul Weiner, Heather O’Leary, Leslie Curda, Francis Schlemmer, Michael Prais, Dave Taeyaerts, Anthony Marino, Yonghong Wu, Mike Lund, Annie Armstrong, Susanne Rott, Valerie Prater, Dolly Weber, Diana Wilkie

  • Committee Feedback
    • Compiled feedback on committee objectives from last meeting was discussed
      • What is needed to accomplish these: research, planning, analysis, and evaluation
      • Suggestions of having a new, more formal process for projects/charges
      • Questions of motivating faculty to use IT
      • Exploration of committee’s relationship to the center for teaching and learning
    • Important issues for subcommittees to address
      • Identifying information and communication technology that can improve teaching efficacy and student engagement/learning on campus
      • Soliciting input about teaching and learning needs from members of faculty, students, departments, colleges, and school administrations
  • Committee Chair Nomination Process
    • A new Education Committee chair is needed
      • Nominations should be sent soon for the decision in July
  • Committee Membership
    • Breakdown of committee members and length of terms served was discussed