InfraSec 03.13.13 Minutes


Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Mike Kirda, Chris Barton, Ed Zawacki, Heather O’Leary, Alex Stern, Mark Goedert, Craig Jackson, Bala Ramaraju, Kevin Price, La Don Reed, Yilmaz Bal, Johnathan Kupferer, Mat Willis, Phil Reiter, Dean Dang, Therese Molina, Jason Maslanka, Andre Pavkovic, Kevin Shalla, Dibyen Majumdar, Ashok Bennett, Joanne Kaczmarek, Fred West, Scott Pitol

  • ACCC Updates
    • Annual Change Windows
      • Discussions of timing of the windows and how outages affect the campus
    • Office 365
      • Delayed to allow for Office 2013
      • Will be available for pilot users in April/May
    • Rogue Wireless Access Points
      • Rogue APs cause security issues
      • Many rogue APs were detected – departments will be contacted to take them down
  • IT Strategic Plan
    • Top five strategic plan priorities:
      • Communications
      • Network
      • Operations
      • Servers
      • Storage
    • Each of these priorities will have an associated working group
    • The strategic plan should be complete by August
  • Priorities
    • Top four committee priorities were determined:
      • Unify email and calendar
      • Building wiring upgrade
      • Enterprise virtual desktop provisioning
      • Commodity tiered storage
  • Records and Information Services
    • Discussion of email retention project
    • Goal is to create an email archive as an historical record