Research 03.07.13 Minutes


Annette Valenta, Bob Sandusky, Henrik Aratyn, Allen Randall, Bill Hendrickson, Jay Dean, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Heather O’Leary, Jackie Berger, Houshang Darabi

  • High Performance Computing
    • Update on Provost Approval
      • Provost has approved the project for three years and is working on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
      • Discussion on breakdown of funding
    • Next Steps
      • Suggestions for renaming the new board
      • Discussed building a relationship with National Center for Supercomputing Applications
      • Conversation is needed on how to deal with “high value” (high risk) data
      • Idea proposed to create work group that addresses issues related to HPC in regards to faculty, education, etc.
      • Discussion on group meeting to reevaluate membership, etc.
  • Data Management/Data Curation
    • Next Steps for Roadmap
      • Data Management road map redrafted
      • New computer-based tools available for writing, managing, and archiving data for faculty
      • Tools will be made available on the library website
      • Discussion of awareness and outreach
      • Suggestions that regulations and mandates should be a priority
      • Issues of policy were discussed in terms of data and ownership
      • Creation of an Ad Hoc Working Group for Regulations and Mandates
    • Data Management
      • Discussion of existing data on campus needs, which can be used by the group
      • Discussion of what needs to be done in order to begin
  • Campus Cyberinfrastructure—Network Infrastructure and Engineering Program (CC-NIE)
    • Possibility of applying for National Science Foundation CC-NIE Grant
      • Discussion of possibly applying for grant by April 3 deadline
      • Process of grant writing was discussed
      • Discussion on process of assembling a grant writing plan