Education 03.05.13 Minutes


Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Anthony Marino, Dave Taeyaerts, Saul Weiner, Michael Scott, Sandra De Groote, Michael Prais, Abbas Hyderi, Michael Hites, Yonghong Wu, Babette Neuberger, Corrine Calice, Diana Wilkie, Leslie Curda, Valerie Prater, Francis Schlemmer

  • TechTeach@UIC Conference Update
    • Conference has been renamed from “eLearning” to “TechTeach@UIC”
      • Theme will be “Innovative Practices in Teaching and Learning”
      • Discussion of proposals and planning deadlines
      • Conference’s goal is to showcase what is happening on campus
  • Charge and Setting Priorities
    • Objectives
      • A worksheet was provided that listed the new, approved charges and objectives
      • Objectives of analysis, research, planning, and self-evaluation were discussed
      • Discussion on role of committee, creating a strategic plan for IT in education
    • Strategic Planning
      • Campus IT strategic planning exercise is about to start
      • Will be infrastructure-focused
      • Differences highlighted between prioritization in the colleges and the campus
      • Discussion of resources and blended learning
      • Consideration of responses from student learning experience surveys for center
      • Discussion of faculty incentives for teaching and learning center
    • Committee Process
      • Mechanics analyzed on how the committee conducts business
      • Consensus that there should be a clear process for determining priorities and sending recommendations to the Council
    • Promotion and Communication
      • Discussion on promotion of education initiatives and communication with faculty – focused on gathering data to back up these initiatives
  • New Business
    • MOOCs
      • Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) are becoming increasingly popular
      • Discussion of whether or not UIC should implement these
      • Committee needs a firm position on the matter, balance pros and cons