Education 02.20.13 Minutes


Valerie Prater, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Yonghong Wu, Babette Neuberger, Susanne Rott, Dolly Weber, Michael Scott, Anne Armstrong, Dave Taeyaerts, Anthony Marino, Michael Prais, Francis Schlemmer, Diana Wilkie, Sandra De Groote, Renee Taylor, Heather O’Leary, Corrine Calice, Kathy Sheridan, Leslie Curda, Saul Weiner

  • Charge
    • Discussion on the possibility of adding changes to the proposed new charge
      • Approved Motion: Motion to accept new charge, with discussed changes, was approved
  • eLearning Survey
    • Survey was discussed, considering how faculty perceives tech for teaching and learning
    • Consideration of changing the name ‘eLearning’ to ‘technology assisted learning’
    • Discussion of cover letter to send out with survey
      • Members expressed that feedback was integral to the conference
      • Approved Motion: Motion to accept the survey cover letter, with changes, was approved.
  • Teaching and Learning Center – Discussion with Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs
    • Discussion of UIC’s need to provide a resource for faculty to utilize and learn about technology assisted learning
      • Presentation on possibilities of the center’s goals and physical space
      • Discussion on the center’s overall focus: student success and faculty incentives
      • Transition of T&L Center development, and establishment of new subcommittee under the Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs (VPFA)
      • To assure continuity, VPFA requested participation of some members of ITGC Education Committee on new subcommittee
      • Discussion on who will join, and if there will be dual committee membership
      • Consideration of developing a comprehensive report vs. direct implementation
    • Future of Education Committee discussed