InfraSec 02.13.13 Minutes


Ed Zawacki, Bala Ramaraju, Andre Pavkovic, Jay Dean, Marcin Hiolski, La Don Reed, Kevin Price, Yilmaz Bal, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Mike Kirda, John Wolosuk, Kevin Shalla, Ramon Castillo, Dean Dang, Mat Willis, Mark Goedert, Doug McCarthy, Phil Reiter, Dan Pollack, Andre Krabbe, Johnathan Kupferer, Jack Gallagher, Ilir Zenku, Chris Barton, Jomit Joseph, Therese Molina, Alex Stern, Craig Jackson, Mike Corn

  • Subcommittee Updates
    • Digital Accessibility
      • Previously the stand-alone Web Accessibility Committee
      • Charged with overseeing policy and procedures relating to accessibility of digital information for people with disabilities
      • Will have a digital accessibility lecture series
    • Mobile
      • A subcommittee will be recreated to work on creating a mobile app for the campus
    • Resource Calendaring and Integration
      • Considering campus needs for room reservation and integration with Banner
    • Risk Management
      • Working to set strategy for risk management for the campus
      • Need for expedient and ongoing risk assessment
      • Looking at vendor options for this process
  • ACCC Updates
    • Office 365
      • Creating test boxes
      • Evaluating whether to use 365 on the cloud or locally
      • Discussion of migrating email accounts to Exchange
  • Identity Access Management
    • Users will have to reestablish challenge response questions
    • Discussion of NetID conflicts
  • Priorities
    • Discussion of process for voting on priorities
  • WebStore Licensing
    • Presentation on WebStore operations
    • Discussion of software license negotiation, procurement, and funding
    • The WebStore is working to consolidate department licenses to be more cost effective