Admin 01.31.13 Minutes


Mint Simagrai, Heather O’Leary, Al Schorsch, Mary Berta, Samuel Paik, Nick Gambardella, Marieke Schoen, Richard Alpern, Sunil Tilokani, Aaron Walz, Mike Corn, Kelly Block, Tony Kerber, Linda Naru, Vanessa Peoples, John Fyfe, Gloria Keeley, Amin Kassem, Loretta Casey, Jaclyn Finch, Todd Van Neck, Therese Molina

  • ITPC
    • January Report
      • Update of current ITPC projects
      • Discussion of finance reports
    • Identity Access Management
      • Presentation on status of IAM project
      • Discussion of security issues related to this project
    • Banner Feeder Front End Idea Vision
      • Announcement of a possible project to improve Banner
  • Promotion and Tenure
    • Discussion of issues with current system and the need to move to a paperless system
    • Faculty Affairs will consider the project first, then pass it on to the Administration Committee
  • Business Processes
    • Discussion of need for integrated vision for business processes and systems