Research 01.10.13 Minutes


Annette Valenta, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Michael Hites, Andrew Boyd, Sandra De Groote, William Hendrickson, Bob Sandusky, Allen Randall, Barbara Di Eugenio, Neil Bahroos, Karen Mossberger, Jan Verschelde

  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
    • Presentational Summary of HPC Report
      • Discussed recent changes that have been made
      • Discussed funding
      • Discussed considerations in using AITS storage units
      • Discussion of a Condo Cluster Board to help plan for future of unit
      • Concerns voiced on security matters
      • Approved Motion: Motion to submit report (with changes noted) to ITGC was approved
  • Institutional Stewardship of Data
    • Discussion of goals and importance of creating a template for security
      • 2 of the 3  phases are almost at completion, 3rd phase is to start the template
      • Focus will turn to creating a process for people to use
      • Discussion of making more salient for use the data mgmt. templates on the library website
  • Symplectic Demo
    • Presentation from representative of the University Library
      • Effort to find a product that will help build an online “collaboratory” in which people connect with other people via profiles, and learn about publications and professional activities
      • Cost-effectiveness was analyzed
      • Benefits include helping faculty maintain their own Curriculum Vitae
      • Another benefit is the report generator, which  can serve as a robust mechanism for data exploration, the likes of which is not currently available/in existence at UIC
      • Presented website, demonstrated a run-through
      • Discussion of adding users manually vs. uploading from Banner
      • Can merge all metadata on a publication into one place
      • Discussion on next steps in exploring Symplectic
      • Program will focus on listing publications and a place to collaborate