IT Governance Council 10.30.12 Minutes


Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Mark Goedert, Mike Kirda, Annette Valenta, Dibyen Majumdar, Pete Nelson, Saul Weiner, Ilir Zenku, Bob Goldstein, Heather O’Leary, Sandra De Groote, Phillip Beidelman, Dean Oyama, Ginny Schroeder, Michael Hites, Rupa Mirmira, Lon Kaufman, Frank Goldberg

  • WTC Presentation
    • ACCC Activity Based Costing Study
      • Presentation on this study looked at ACCC’s costs and revenues in FY11
      • Mapped out Basic Product and Service Elements and Lines of Business
    • IT Strategic Plan
      • Discussion of determining IT priorities
      • Explored idea of holding focus groups across campus for determining priorities
  • Announcements
    • ARR Report/ITTF Update
      • Discussion of recommendations and updates for these two reports
    • ITGC Website
      • Website is being updated to be more inclusive and comprehensive
      • Will make reports, agendas, meeting summaries, etc. available to the public
    • High Performance Computing (HPC) Update
      • HPC project report is almost finished
      • HPC Cluster will be in Roosevelt Road building
    • Conferences
      • Announcement of another IT Pro Forum in the spring
      • Announcement of an eLearning conference next fall to showcase technologies, successes, and blending learning on campus
    • Hire Touch Report
      • Report is ready for consideration
      • Discussion of cost, priorities, and next steps
    • ITGC Bylaws
      • Bylaws are currently being drafted, will be made available by January
    • ITGC Annual Report
      • Feedback on the FY12 ITGC Annual Report was requested
      • Approval sought for distribution to campus