Administration Committee


The Administration committee will consider IT used primarily for process improvement and decision support services. This will generally include administrative functions such as finance, HR, student information systems, purchasing, business intelligence and so on. The committee should examine all issues affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of business and administrative processes. The Administration committee will become a primary venue for the UIC campus to collect and prioritize strategic needs regarding IT support of business processes.

There may be some overlap with University-level projects, and deliberations within this committee may result in submitting proposals for University-level projects. The committee should consider how the campus can and should use IT to streamline and improve business processes. The committee should consider, in a general sense, how to best share data and encourage the use of common business infrastructure, improve the accuracy of data, improve the usability of administrative services, and other initiatives that increase efficiency.


  • Evaluate campus business processes, and develop overall strategy for improvement
  • Develop administrative IT services strategic plan
  • Collaborate with governance at other campuses on common issues of business processes
  • Evaluate campus needs for IT support of administrative functions
  • Evaluate funding models for administrative computing improvements, beyond common infrastructure needs
  • Evaluate and prioritize needs
  • Develop and evaluate performance measures for administrative IT services


Name Dept
Catherine Abad Medical Center
Kelly Block SAVP for AITS/CIO
Cynthia Cobb AITS
Stephanie Dable AITS
Kathleen Engstrom CUPPA
John Fudacz COM
Nilton Garcia ACCC
Mike Harner DENT
Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom UIC CIO
Mike Kamowski OSSS
Tony Kerber HR – UA
Eric Mcminoway Nursing
Therese Molina JACSW
Linda Naru Library
Jim Pierce CBA
Yolanda Rodriguez-Venegas Honors College
Bernadette Rossmoore OBFS
Dale Rush (Chair) Pharmacy
Jonathan Santanni AHS
Dimuthu Tilakaratne AITS
Monica Tith Engineering
Steven Van Poucke ACCC
Thomas Warfield SPH
Montanee Wongchinsri LAS

YearChair ElectChairImmediate Past Chair
AY12Dibyen Majumdar
AY13Dibyen Majumdar
AY14Jackie FinchDibyen Majumdar
AY15Jackie FinchDibyen Majumdar
AY16Todd Van NeckJackie Finch
AY17Todd Van NeckJackie Finch
AY18Dale RushTodd Van Neck
AY19Dale RushTodd Van Neck
AY20Dale Rush