Research 03.07.16 Minutes


Ugo Buy, Youngwook Song, Henrik Aratyn, Bob Sandusky, Allen Randall, Colleen Kehoe, Kim Lawless, Himanshu Sharma, Geen Tomko, Jackie Berger, Clyde Wheeler, Rich Minshall, Dick Harris, Karen Dunn Lopez, Neil Bahroos, Andy Boyd, Annette Valenta, Heather O’Leary

  • Updates and Announcements
    • Secure HPCC Proposal
      • Proposal has been sent to the provost and has been requested to be sent to the OVCR and DCHA
    • HIPAA
      • The covered entity for the HIPAAA Privacy and Security Official for U of I is being reviewed
      • The goal is to identify affected units by org code in order to automate the process of identifying who needs encryption
      • Discussion of existing HIPAA policies and the work being done to expand them
    • START myResearch
      • A presentation was given on the history and current status of the START myResearch project
      • Discussion of what has been done so far, with a focus on the RNUA application
      • Further discussion of IRB and project progress
      • Discussion of business manager role in the PI portal and related concerns
      • Discussion on the research portfolio, concerns, and work being done
      • A brief demo of the portal was then given
      • Members were encouraged to log into the portal to see what is available
    • Data Stewardship
      • Policy Discussion
        • Discussion on a research grant and data requirements and how to address new requirements in university policy
      • ITGC Data Governance Committee
        • Provost Poser made some suggestions on how the committee’s form and function
        • Discussion of how to address data concerns while waiting for group to launch
      • Data Science Initiative
        • This new initiative has been undertaken by three colleges: Liberal Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, and Engineering
        • Center is being built for data science research
        • Meeting went well, attendance was good, and interest was broad
        • There were concerns about infrastructure

Research 01.07.16 Minutes



Ugo Buy, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Allen Randall, Karen Dunn Lopez, Annette Valenta, Jackie Berger, Colleen Kehoe, Henrik Aratyn, Andy Johnson, Houshang Darabi, Barbara Corpus, Andy Boyd, Daniel Touchette, Dick Harris, Michael Hites, Heather O’Leary, Sara Hall, Bob Sandusky, Neil Bahroos

  • Information Items
    • Secure HPCC Proposal
      • Revisions were made and the revised proposal was presented to the Council who approved it, but suggested that it go, not only to the provost, but to VPHA and OVCR for review and potential funding
      • Discussion on how HPCC would function as well as funding options and what courses would use HPCC and it was suggested that additional information be sent to the provost.
  • Meeting Times for Spring 2016 Semester
    • Doodle Polls will be sent out to accommodate schedule conflicts
  • Data Stewardship
    • Concern was voiced about NIH and NSF guidelines regarding data access and suggested that new policies be created to address this and it was suggested that this may be a concern for the new Data Governance committee
    • Discussion on types of research and data affected as well as on infrastructure needs
    • Some of the new requirements and other possible changes were outlined and looking into NPRM was suggested

Research 12.03.15 Minutes



Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Allen Randall, Ed Zawacki, Jackie Berger, Houshang Darabi, Clyde Wheeler, Colleen Kehoe, Andy Boyd, Ugo Buy, Andy Johnson, Dan Touchette, Bob Sandusky, Kim Lawless, Annette Valenta, Dick Harris, Himanshu Sharma, Bill Hendrickson, Henrik Aratyn

  • Secure HPCC Proposal
    • Introduction
      • An introduction to the proposal was given with note to there being a great deal of interest in securing HPCC
      • Stated that there is a need on campus to analyze high-risk and sensitive data which would help UIC procure new talent and do research
      • Suggested that the proposal could serve as a basis for grant proposals as well as demonstrate campus involvement
    • Discussion
      • Stated that staffing needs should be clarified as well as including HIPAA knowledgeability as a requirement
      • Discussion of importance to campus in creating a secure environment as well as intent to make environment self-sustaining as well as adding the cost of self-sustaining staff
      • Suggested to look for other grants that could be relevant to the project which led to discussion of possible funding services
      • Suggested that the proposal’s need to include everything needed
      • Concern about including VA as a collaborator as well as about security beyond the usual firewall
      • Discussion of security
    • Vote
      • Motion passed on proposal
  • Next Year
    • 2016 Priorities
      • Suggested that S-HPCC proposal concludes committee’s work for the year
      • Suggested that the committee look forward and consider which topics to look at
      • The committee will be working on increasing membership
    • Data Governance Committee
      • Suggested that the committee come up with proposals
      • Discussion on role and structure of this new committee, particularly in light of federal data policies

Research 11.05.15 Minutes



Cynthia Herrera-Lindstrom, Allen Randall, Colleen Kehoe, Henrik Aratyn, Karen Dunn-Lopez, Bill Hendrickson, Annette Valenta, Clyde Wheeler, Ed Zawacki, Bob Sandusky, Ugo Buy, Kim Lawless

  • VM and Clinical Data
    • ACCC Rate and Funding
      • Stated that the secure research environment was being tested and would soon be available for use and a web interface that would be used to access data collected from the environment was discussed
      • Charges related to rate and funding of the project as well as involvement of IRB and ORPS were discussed
      • Discussion on whether or not students would be able to access web interface and privacy of data on each machine
      • Concerns on security and protocol for data removal on machines were voiced
      • Suggested that a new service for data backup interface be provided rather than updating the old one
      • Discussion on communications plan
      • Possible changes to ACCC services were noted
      • Proposal for HIPAA and FERPA Compliance in HPCC
      • Suggested to have high-risk and sensitive data analyzed, transferred, and stored on a new infrastructure
      • Noted that the proposal would have to be ready for approval by the next meeting
      • Suggested to add another technical staff member for HPCC
      • Discussion on infrastructure needs and costs
      • Suggested to create a joint proposal with InfraSec
      • Discussion on how to draft proposal with a suggestion of using CUPPA
  • Old Business
    • Data Governance Committee
    • This fifth committee was discussed
  • New Business
    • NSF Grant
      • Suggested that Himanshu Sharma work on the proposal
      • Expanding HPCC was discussed

Research 10.01.15 Minutes


Kimberly Lawless, Andy Johnson, Ugo Buy, Annette Valenta, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Andy Boyd, Clyde Wheeler, Sarah Hall, Jackie Berger, Allen Randall, Ed Zawacki, Bob Sandusky, Henrik Aratyn, Colleen Kehoe, Neil Bahroos, Bill Hendrickson, Karen Dunn Lopez

  • Updates
    • Data Repository Committee
      • Members will be meeting individually with J. Fischer to discuss concerns
    • Data Governance
      • Waiting to find out whether to collaborate with Urbana
      • UIC will start, keep them informed, and work on collaboration
  • Data Management
    • Update
      • Creating a work plan with a number of recommendations for managing data
      • Went over progress
      • Discussion of tools to help with secure research environments
      • Suggestion to create a subcommittee focused on research data
      • Discussion of low risk data, where Research Committee should go from here
  • Clinical Data and the Center for Clinical & Translational Sciences Database
    • Overview
      • Overview of Center for Research Informatics, Clinical Research Data Warehouse
      • New Institutional Review Board protocol was approved to provide access to data
      • Discussion of initial goals of Clinical Research Data Warehouse, what has been accomplished since
      • Overview of process created by hospital to share clinical data with warehouse, how data is processed and store
      • Discussion of various regulations regarding data and related concerns
      • Overview of goals of being able to make requests for patient cohorts for clinical trials
    • Discussion
      • Overview of what is available through Cerner and related systems
      • Discussion on importance of tracking billing and integrating with patient data and other systems
      • Overview of security and risk mitigation
      • Discussion of risk level, what data is available to researchers in different cases
      • Discussion of plans for the future, emphasis on training & operational processes
      • Discussion of Virtual Machine project, campus research needs, mobile options
      • Note that privacy and security committee is looking to create HIPAA policies to address mobile issues

Research 07.21.15 Minutes


Ugo Buy, Andy Johnson, Houshang Darabi, Allen Randall, Bill Hendrickson, Bob Sandusky, Annette Valenta, Andy Boyd, Heather O’Leary, Clyde Wheeler, Jackie Berger, Colleen Kehoe, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Sara Hall

  • Updates
    • Health Information Campus Committee
      • Trying to determine what data sources exist, what to do with the data
      • Focused on HIPAA and FERPA data
      • Access must be increased and added to infrastructure for storage and analysis
      • For September meeting, will be presentation on efforts in the Office of Vice President for Health Affairs to make data more accessible
      • Group will work to identify a viable strategy for ITGC Research Committee
      • Related information has been compiled to complement the recent report on data management, will be shared soon
    • Chair Elect
      • Henrik Aratyn is new chair elect, will become chair in AY17
    • Meeting Times for AY16
      • Research Committee will continue meeting at 9am the first Thursday of the month
  • Membership Bylaws
    • Updates
      • Proposal to change the bylaws membership has been revised
      • Committee reviewed membership
      • Approved Motion: Motion to send bylaws forward to the IT Governance Council for approval was accepted
  • Announcements from the Chief Information Officer
    • Report of Non-University Activities
      • RNUA online submission going live in September, developed in-house
    • Data Governance
      • Provost approved Data Governance Committee, will be 5th ITGC Committee
      • Discussion of who should be members on this committee
    • Scholarship Management Software
      • UIC SnAP application is now housing various scholarships for colleges
    • High Performance Computing Cluster
      • Open position has not yet been hired, but a graduate assistant is helping out
    • UIC Website
      • New webpage will go live in August

Research 05.07.15 Minutes


Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Colleen Kehoe, Allen Randall, Sara Hall, Ugo Buy, Andy Boyd, Bob Sandusky, Clyde Wheeler, Annette Valenta, David Ibrahim, Barbara Corpus, Karen Dunn Lopez, Henrik Aratyn, Bill Hendrickson, Neil Bahroos, Houshang Darabi, Al Schorsch, Ugo Buy

  • Ad Hoc Committee on Data Management
    • Overview
      • Scope of committee has been broadened
      • Now addressing all data, including HIPAA and FERPA
      • Discussion of data access for researchers and graduate students
      • Discussion of committee in relationship to ITGC Data Governance Committee
      • Consideration of creating website with links for all data-related information
    • HIPAA Privacy and Security Official
      • Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom is new University HIPAA Privacy & Security Official
    • Center for Research Informatics
      • Center has been established
      • Health-centered, looking at translational informatics
      • Goal is to provide service, not governance
    • Goals and Deadlines
      • Discussion of setting deadlines and committee goals
      • Discussion of current regulations, availability of research data, and educating the campus on these issues
      • Discussion on role of governance in this issue
      • Discussion on how to compile more information on Institutional Review Board protocols and Principal Investigators
  • High Performance Computing Cluster
    • Cost Analysis with the Office of Business & Financial Services is being scheduled
  • Chair Elect
    • Replacement
      • New chair elect must be chosen for FY17
    • Statutory Limits to Data Sharing
      • Discussion of statutes in place to keep hospital from sharing data with Cerner and other data mining businesses
      • UI Health made this decision, not a federal statute
  • Bylaws Membership Committee
    • Overview on Current Membership
      • Presentation on how to reorganize this
      • Discussion of who should be active voting members
      • Recommendation to create a Blackboard site to keep researchers across campus informed and receive feedback

Research 04.02.15 Minutes


Arash Jalali, Ugo Buy, Henrik Aratyn, Jan Verschelde, Frank Cervone, Kimberly Lawless, Andy Boyd, Dean Dang, Jacqueline Berger, Andy Johnson, OPRS, Bob Sandusky, Clyde Wheeler, Annette Valenta, Allen Randall, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Al Schorsch, David Ibrahim, Dimuthu Tilakaratne

  • Opening Remarks
    • Bylaws
      • Group is set to meet soon, will present at May meeting
    • Research Survey
      • Survey will be resent soon
  • UI Analytical Framework for Health & Public Health Information
    • Presentation
      • Presentation by Arash Jalali on what the School of Public Health is doing with SPSS data analysis on a VMware server
      • Presentation recommended what to teach to students
      • Discussion of who would use this tool, how to get access to software, how it works with within various courses
      • Discussion of the virtual environment, how it works, related issues
    • Discussion
      • Discussion on how the software and Virtual Machine works and connects
      • Discussion of what data is available to students, security issues related to data
      • Campus security program is being implemented, but multi-year process
      • Demo given on how much can be done with data using tools available at UIC
    • Next Steps
      • Statutory boundaries that apply to data will be found, brought to next meeting
      • Committee will then make a motion to share this with campus
  • Data
    • Data Storage
      • People are interested in using and paying for this service
      • Project is moving ahead on the technical front
    • Data Strategy
      • A proposal will be presented to Council to start new committee at next meeting
      • Committee will be working to look at what data should be used for different purposes while protecting student and health data
    • High Performance Computing Cluster
      • Chief Information Officer is meeting with development to work on funding
      • Chancellor is interested in the High Performance Computing Cluster and security
    • Campuswide Ad Hoc Committee on Health Information
      • The first meeting’s time and location will be decided soon

Research 03.05.15 Minutes


Gene Tomko, Jay Dean, Kim Lawless, Al Schorsch, Andy Johnson, Ugo Buy, Himanshu Sharma, Allen Randall, Annette Valenta, Henrik Aratyn, Colleen Kehoe, Clyde Wheeler, Jan Verschelde, Barbara Corpus, Jackie Berger, Frank Vazquez, David Ibrahim, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Andy Boyd, Karen Dunn Lopez, Bob Sandusky, Houshang Darabi

  • Revising ITGC Bylaws
    • Subcommittee
      • Will look at current bylaws and note missing representation
      • Goal is to have report by May meeting
  • Campuswide Ad Hoc Committee on Health Information
    • Update
      • Vice Chancellor to set up a committee to enable a functional and accessible UIC health information repository
      • Discussion of purpose and structure of committee
      • Discussion of technical and physical infrastructure needed to support it
  • Data Mining
    • Discussion on Potential Presentations
      • Possible presentation on data mining, security, and workflows
      • Discussion of data mining workflows
    • Presentation
      • Presentation on data mining experience in College of Nursing
      • Discussion of whether students should be involved in data management
      • Main concern is identified vs. de-identified data, and granting access to both faculty and students
      • Institutional Review Board wants to see more information on Virtual Machine
      • Discussion of infrastructure needs for accessing data, problems with getting quality data, and possible solutions
  • High Performance Computing Cluster
    • ACCC meeting with Office of Business & Financial Services
      • For discussion on possibility of getting grants to fund the cluster
  • Survey of IT Needs on Campus
    • Results/Tools
      • Presentation on results of survey
      • Survey will be re-sent to the colleges that did not respond
      • Discussion of services/tools available to faculty, how to make them more visible to faculty members
      • Discussion of moving toward more easily managed software access
    • Closing Discussion
      • Review survey results and discussion of possible outcomes
      • Campus wireless access is being addressed by ACCC
      • Suggestion to summarize top issues to use in setting priorities for committee

Research 02.05.15 Minutes


Ugo Buy, Bill Hendrickson, Andy Johnson, Neil Bahroos, Coleen Kehoe, Jay Dean, Annette Valenta, Sara Hall, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Kim Lawless, Karen Dunn Lopez, Linda Sitka (from Psychology), Andy Boyd, Clyde Wheeler, Houshang Darabi, Henrik Aratyn, Al Schorsch, Barbara Corpus

  • Report of IT Governance Council Meeting
    • Research Committee Updates
      • Discussion of clinical data and two motions from December
      • Discussion of High Performance Computing Cluster funding and staffing issues
  • Data Access and Related Concerns
    • Statistical Software
      • Discussion of what UIC has
      • Consideration of looking at software for very large data sets
    • “Big Data”
      • Discussion of various hardware/software needs related to “big data”
      • Suggestion to invest in current initiatives, what is already being done
    • Center for Clinical & Translational Science Data Access
      • Discussion of clinical data access related to the covered entity
      • Discussion on the original protocol of data, its intended use, data that is currently available, and user confusion when requesting data
      • Members asked to develop a list of needs, and report back
      • Discussion of original mission of CCTS data, of its current need
      • Discussion of big data needs and CCTS protocol
    • ITGC Data Committee
      • Proposal for a fifth ITGC committee on data strategy is being drafted for the purposes of addressing all campus data needs and related policies/protocols
  • Committee Membership
    • Subcommittee has been formed, needs more members to volunteer
  • High Performance Computing Cluster Fee Structure
    • Discussion
      • Looking into ways to help create a HPCC funding model
      • Service center available to analyze costs, set funding, charge users
      • Process begins with setting initial meeting and looking at existing data
      • Discussion of original costs, future costs, and opening access to students
      • Discussion of HPCC Report
      • Discussion of data governance, curation, archiving, and committee intersection
  • Future Topics
    • Data mining will be discussed in March meeting
      • Plan is to have subcommittee on membership set before next meeting
      • Hope for a subcommittee proposal before May