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Introduction to ITPC

The Information Technology Priorities Committee (ITPC) process provides a common approach to solicit, review, prioritize and execute administrative information technology projects involving University Administration (UA) information technology resources.


The ITPC process monitors administrative IT initiatives from project inception through the end of a project’s life cycle.  The process authorizes both labor and financial resources for selected projects. ITPC covers administrative technology projects that:

  • involve resources from a University Administration unit
  • involve campus based units that plan to offer an administrative system for the entire campus
  • interface with an enterprise system or
  • seek funding from the central pool of administrative information technology dollars allocated by the Academic Affairs Planning Council


The ITPC evaluates administrative IT initiatives from project inception through the end of a project’s life cycle.

The ITPC includes representatives from multiple subject areas, University Administration and the campuses.

The ITPC will forward recommendations for the largest initiatives to the Academic Affairs Planning Council (AAPC), which makes the final approval decision.

The ITPC has formed five functional subcommittees that make recommendations for projects that fall within their respective domains:  Student | Finance |Human Resources | Business Intelligence/Performance Management (BI/PM) | Cross-functional

Process Overview

  • The ITPC process solicits, reviews and provides oversight for administrative IT projects at the university.
  • Any university staff member may submit a project proposal for evaluation.
  • Project proposals are reviewed on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Approved projects are moved into a scheduling queue for execution.
  • Projects are scheduled based on the prioritization of the ITPC and subcommittees and the resource availability of the executing units.
  • Information regarding project overviews, schedules and status are available on the ITPC website.

Relationship to Campus IT Governance

  • ITPC governs enterprise administrative systems.  Many of these systems are areas of discussion for campus ITG groups.  For instance, campus ITG may have interest in improvements to student systems, Banner, finance, or HR systems that are under ITPC purview.
  • A number of members serve on both ITPC and campus ITG to improve collaboration, communication, and understanding of user needs.
  • ITGC may propose projects that would be executed via the ITPC process.  The ITPC welcomes this input into the process.

Recent Posts

Admin 01.23.18 Minutes


Heather O’Leary, Mike Kamowski, Eric McMinoway, Cynthia Cobb, AJ Lavender, Aaron Rosenthal, Monica Tith, Gloria Keeley, Kathleen Engstrom, John Fudacz, Jackie Finch, Tony Kerber, Todd Van Neck, Therese Molina, Dale Rush

  • Wait Listing for Courses
    • Issue with Students Holding Courses
      • Suggested that a note came from Engineering regarding wait list options for high level courses and the provost has asked for a solution
      • Issue that any graduate student could hold a course in any graduate level course
      • Suggested a decision be made to restrict sections rather than create wait lists
      • OSS will continue looking at wait listing in the future
  • ITPC Update
    • My UI Financials
      • A brief update of the ITGC January report was given
      • Noted there are issues with loading data in My UI Financials which the team has been working to address
      • Suggested that the project may be complete by March
    • Biennial Inventory
      • Mentioned the Biennial Inventory has been postponed until April
      • The project will coincide with a BPI project for the biennial inventory process
      • Discussion of issues with disposals as well as other possible updates to FABweb
    • START myResearch
      • Suggested some of the requirements for the dashboard have changed
    • Identity and Access Management
      • Suggested that IAM work is nearing an end
      • The timeline will be reviewed and any outstanding items will be put into a new ITPC project
    • List of Projects for ITGC Admin
      • Suggested that many of these projects are closing
      • The committee was asked if they would like to add any more projects
      • Mentioned that there was a discussion about getting updates on a number of projects during committee meetings in the spring
      • Suggested that these presentations would provide more information and allow the ITPC to gather feedback
      • Mentioned that the committee had discussed the possibility of compiling a list of administrative process and assessing which need to be addressed
      • Discussion of how this project might work and what sorts of processes would be considered
      • Source to pay was mentioned. Suggesting that5 there is a BPI project that will finish in March
      • Mentioned that the team is currently writing the requirements for an RFP
      • Data reporting was suggested. Followed by a discussion of various reports
      • Discussion of the BAT conference which will be a future agenda item
      • Suggested adding the initial collection of the process improvement recommendations to the committee Box folder
      • Discussion of procurement
      • The committee agreed that it would be helpful to review the RFP together
      • Suggested that the committee compile the list of administrative processes and prioritize them
      • A schedule for presenting on source to pay and BPI will be worked on
  • Employee Training Infrastructure
    • Discussion
      • Suggested that the last meeting was a brainstorming session of what types of training should be included in the LMS
      • Suggested that the LMS could have a variety of uses
      • The committee reviewed the data being entered into the LMS
      • Discussion of where data can be pulled from and what information is needed for each employee
      • Suggested that initial rollout will support enterprise-wide compliance training but long-term will support other trainings
      • Discussion of issues that may arise in tracking training
    • Dashboard
      • A demo of the LMS dashboard was given
      • A brief update will be given at the next meeting
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